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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

List of Baking Supplies Stores in Singapore

When I first started out with baking, I've to admit that besides Phoon Huat, I knew of very few baking places or baking shops. So I actually went on this spree where I compiled a long long list of baking supplies stores from the internet, and went to each and every one of these stores below, just to take a look and perhaps, buy things. I actually managed to take pictures of the interior and exterior of most of them using my iPhone, but since it crashed on me not long ago without me backing up those photos, sadly those pictures are gone. I know many people would think I'm crazy, but I'm really very cheapo in more ways that one, and I'd really go out of my way to get a certain thing if it's cheaper in a certain place - including transport and time costs of course, I'm not that dumb :o Anyway, I know most people might have a usual place that they go to for ingredients, but I figured a list would be helpful for anyone new (like I was) who might be wondering if there's any store nearby selling X ingredient. I was sort of a pest, asking some bloggers where they got X or Y ingredient because I had no idea where to get them when I was new to baking.  

I'll start with the more popular/common stores before highlighting the others. The stores are in no particular order really. They are mainly baking supplies or bakeware stores, but they do sell cookware and other accessories needed for adventures in the kitchen. Some also hold cooking and baking classes for the enthusiast - just check out the webpages to take a look!

ETA: If you want to have an idea of how prices of different brands of chocolate, cocoa powder and butter differ among these stores - do check out my post on price comparisons of baking ingredients in Singapore

Just a little disclaimer that I have not been remunerated by anyone to list these stores down, and comments of each place are solely my own. 

List of Baking Supplies Stores in Singapore 
  1.  Cold Storage supermarkets
    • List of branches here
    • Comments: Everyone knows that these places contain the most basic of ingredients - flour, sugar, salt and whatnot. The bigger branches will have more unique baking ingredients.  Most Cold Storage branches (I esp like the Great World City one because it is HUGE and has lots of stuff) have an assortment of Bob's Red Mill's flours - which I find helpful for bread making and they have a huge range of butters as well. PLUS these supermarkets do home delivery if you spend above a certain amount!
    • Also, Cold Storage runs this premium market place called Jason's or Marketplace - and they have a HUGE range of imported goods (mainly to cater to expats) but you can find canned blueberries, frozen raspberries, puff pastry sheets, etc here! If you are baking for a vegan - find the flours you need here, seriously!
  2. NTUC supermarkets
    • List of branches here
    • Fairprice Finest branches have quite a huge variety of creams with various butterfat content for baking, as well as a huge variety of organic ingredients for baking. The baking ingredients aisle is pretty long :] They also sell baking equipment like Wilton trays, etc.
    • In my opinion, it's generally cheaper than Cold Storage. 
  3. Giant supermarkets
    • List of branches here
    • Mostly selling more plebian baking items. 
  4. Other supermarkets
    • Obviously, there's Carrefour and Isetan (good for Japanese baking stuff) but I wanted to highlight ThreeSixty Supermarket in Ion. Most people probably don't know about it since it's located all the way up in Ion's 4th floor and they obviously cater to people living there. The prices are rather jacked up, and the space is what I call atas (Malay for up or high, but colloquialism for 'catering to the higher echelons of society' - this is the nicest way I can put it). They have lots of imported goods - Waitrose products and SUPER DELICIOUS chips which I can't remember the brand now for the life of me. They also have stuff like Fage greek yogurt, choices of buttermilk and half-and-halves, like 20 types of flour, and they have a huge selection of pasta (fresh!). I particularly love the food section but that's irrelevant here, hehe. Note that this supermarket doesn't go easy on your pocket!
  5. Phoon Huat
    • List of store locations here
    • Note that the stores have different opening hours, remember to check before going! Also, sometimes things go out of stock, so I usually give the branch I'm going to a call to check. 
    • Well, who doesn't know about Phoon Huat? They were initially called Red Man, with a few branches scattered around Singapore, but have expanded (so has their product variety!) If you need a single place to go to satisfy your baking needs, Phoon Huat should be able to do it, unless you're looking for expensive French butter or Valrhona chocolate. I especially like Phoon Huat because I'm their member and have a 5% discount hehe. They have baking accessories, cupcake liners... basically almost everything! 
  6. ToTT
    • Address: 896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A, Singapore 589472
    • Contact: 62197077
    • Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily 
    • Webpage: here
    • This megastore just opened last year, and it's a venture of Sia Huat, which is this huge kitchen equipment and everything-food supplier. I like the fact that it's huge and has lots of space, but it doesn't have much of baking ingredients here I'm afraid. If I remember correctly, they have nut powders in a tiny fridge, but that's about all. If however you are looking for baking equipment, you've come to the right place! All sorts of sizes and shapes of pans, trays, and what-have-you here! I bought a cute flour sieve here because I couldn't leave empty-handed! The only thing I didn't like was that parking was quite troublesome and I had to pay :(
    • Oh, and you should check out the website to note the classes they are conducting if you're interested in any. 
  7. Sun Lik Trading
    • Address: 33 Seah Street, Singapore 188389
    • Contact: 63380980
    • Opening Hours: 8.30am to 6.30pm from Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am-6pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays. 
    • Webpage:
    • Now, this is the place to go if you've been looking for a place to get Valrhona or Callebaut chocolate. They have all sorts of good quality ingredients here, but it's rather small. They also have small selections of trays and other equipment. 
  8. Bake-it-yourself
    • Address: 182 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229853
    • Contact: 68871258
    • Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays, closed on Sundays. 
    • Webpage:
    • You might have problems looking for a place to park but this is a decorator's dream I think. It's pink on the inside, and there's two floors worth of candy moulds, cute tins, sprinkles, etc. The upside is that it has huge variety (you can check out the website for an indication) but downside is that it is a little costly. 
  9. Pantry Magic Lemon Zest
    • Address: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, #01-80, Holland Village, Singapore 278115
    • Contact: 64710566
    • Webpage:
    • This same store used to be known as Pantry Magic, but after some renovation works earlier in the year, they've changed their name to Lemon Zest. They no longer sell baking ingredients, with the exception of Nielsen-Massey vanilla and other extracts. They mostly sell bakeware, cookware, beautiful cake stands and other pots and pans. They also sell books and magazines! 
  10. Shermay's Cooking School
    • Address: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, #01-76, Holland Village, Singapore 278115
    • Contact: 64798442 / 74798414
    • Opening Hours: 10am - 8.30pm daily 
    • Webpage:
    • As the name suggests, they are actually more well-known for their cooking and baking classes, which are conducted by famous chefs and are widely received in Singapore. Their store also doubles up as a retail store, which sells accessories for Kitchenaid, Nordicware items, as well as Valrhona Chocolate. Also a source for French butter, Elle & Vire. 
  11. Kitchen Capers
    • Address: Block 71, Kallang Bahru #01-531F, Singapore 330071
    • Contact: 63920159
    • Opening Hours: 10am to 8.30pm daily 
    • Webpage:
    • This originally started as an online store, but it now has a retail location. This is yet another option for those staying in the East - it also sells interesting ingredients that you can't get in say, Phoon Huat. If you're looking for egg white powder for macarons heh (not meringue powder, mind you) or Valrhona etc type of chocolates, you can get them here. The online store provides you with an indication of price, which I like. 
  12. Gim Hin Lee
    • Address: Block 10, Haig Road, #01-363/5, Singapore 430010
    • Contact: 67428388
    • Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm Monday - Saturday, 9am to 6pm on Sunday. 
    • This store is really convenient staying in the East, but because it's located in a neighbourhood, transport options aren't really that great. It sells a similar variety of items to Phoon Huat - so no expensive baking ingredients here. They are also the official retail location for Bake King products. They have an official online store page here for you to purchase items and have them delivered to you!
  13. Ailin Bakery House
    • Address: 845 Geylang Road #01-48, Tanjong Katong Complex, Singapore 400845
    • Contact: 67432693
    • This is yet another option for Eastsiders - it is a really small shop, but they sell a huge variety of things. From what I've read online, their house brand ingredients are really popular - pineapple paste for pineapple tarts during the new year, essences, as well as cake and muffin mixes. 

People who know me know that I'm addicted to lists. I like listing down things, so I do hope this list helps someone - if there are any errors to anything above, do let me know and I'll amend it!

For those interested in seeing the interior of some of the places (BIY, Sun Lik, Gim Hin Lee), do check out the video links on the right sidebar of Oi Lin's blog. 

Ps, for those in Malaysia - I found a list which might be helpful too!


CaThY said...

wow, such detailed information. I have only been to a few stores that you listed. =)

Bakertan said...

hey Janine,

nice compilation you have there. it will come in handy for all bakers. I'm gonna bookmark this for reference.

Out of all the baking supplies stores you have mentioned, I have only been to the various supermarts, PH and sun lik.

Spear said...

Hi Janine,
Thanks for the exhaustive list! I admit I've only been to NTUC, Cold Storage and Phoon Huat. Lol. I usually only buy stuff from Phoon Huat when I cannot find them in NTUC. I personally feel that NTUC's stuff are cheaper (and perhaps fresher too) than PH's. Call me auntie, but I was actually quite upset when I bought an exact same pack of coconut milk for 20 cents more at PH! =P

Janine said...

@cathy and bakertan: glad this list was informative :)

@spear: hehehe you described what i usually feel when i find out that a certain place sells something for a cheaper price! But then again, my friends all call me aunty.

I guess it depends on which items we're looking for - things like flour and sugar should be cheaper at NTUC but I was once looking for almond powder in NTUC (cos I was desperate) and it cost almost twice the price of PH's!

Small Small Baker said...

I don't quite explore to places to get my baking stuffs. Mostly PH and NTUC. Been to Sun Lik and BIY too. Thanks for the detailed list. I'm keeping this for reference. :)

Joyce @ Chunky Cooky said...

This is a good piece of information. Very comprehensive and handy. Will surely bookmark this for future reference !

love melody, love baking said...

Thanks for the list! I've been to those supermarkets (but not all of those bigger stores), PH (usually the one at sims lane coz I m working in that area)... And kitchen capers when I head to the market for lunch (nice duck rice there) and gim hin lee (coz that not too far away either!)... Would like to go sun lik and tott though... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed list! Now i know where to get valhorna products other than through my friends. Gonna bookmark this for sure!

quizzine said...

This is a very good ref list, and I like your comments on each store ;-)) Thanks!

Janine said...

@ssb, joyce, jacob, quizzine and lmlb: thanks - am glad that this list was helpful!

Anonymous said...

Ah so now I know where I can get Valrhona chocolate if I ever need it

dcm said...

Pantry Magic now change to LEMON ZEST, but its of the same concept & location,they sell bakeware and cookware and some cute colorful stuff.Also,they already carries dried sour cherry, cranberry,coconut flakes and maple sugar...

Anonymous said...

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evinrude said...

yay! this list is brilliant!
i'm hoping to find bread tins so maybe i'll check the stores out!
thanks so much!

Insomniac said...

thanks for your comprehensive list!
i think it would make for a lovely weekend scavenger hunt ;)
was wondering if you know whether ToTT offers a decent range of angel food cake tins? i've been trying to find a reasonably priced 9inch tin with feet, but the cheapest i could find was priced at $25...

Janine said...

@insomniac: ToTT does have angel food cake tins, if i remember correctly, but it's mostly nordic ware and the more expensive types - i.e., definitely more than $20.

Do you mean those prongs to rest the tin when u overturn it? Did you check phoon huat if they have it? I vaguely recall seeing some!

Denise Antoinette said...

Thank you for the wonderful n detailed list!!:)

Ms Black said...

Thanks for the comprehensive list! I recently started baking and started exploring some of the shops listed here as well. Do you have a list of online bakewares shop ?

SHZA said...

Anyone knows where can i get liquid or powder egg whites in singapore?

Janine said...

@SHZA: you can get powdered egg whites at Sun Lik or Kitchen Capers. I'm not sure about liquid egg whites - getting them from eggs itself should be cheapest no?

kipmum said...

Hi powdered egg whites are now available at Phoon Huat. I bought a pack recently for under $10 meaning to do macarons after having had footless failures with multiple cracks and huge bubbles...but I have not tried it out yet. Any tips on how powdered egg whites can make better macarons?

Unknown said...

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Osama Zain said...

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sri said...

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shali said...

Hi all, i am planning to bake a barbie cake and i am looking for a barbie doll to insert into the cake. Any idea where can i find one?
Thank you

angel said...

Hihi, I am looking for animal cake toppers, does those store that you mentioned hav it? Called up phoon huat n Biy, they no longer have it..

Dedicated Docent said...

Hi Janine, great information! Does any of these places carry a red cocoa powder for red velvet cakes? Guittard makes it I believe.

Janine said...

@shali: sorry for the late reply. Barbie dolls are available at Phoon Huat!

@angel: sorry but i haven't seen animal cake toppers at stores because I dont usually look out for them!

@dedicated docent: i don't recall seeing a red cocoa powder retailing in Singapore because i dont think guittard is available for sale in Singapore. however, you can try using dutch processed or alkalized cocoa powder which has a slight reddish brown color which will help.

Dedicated Docent said...

Thank you. I hate adding a whole bottle of red food coloring to my rv cakes. Shall look for it when I travel.
@ angel: I've seen plastic animals at Phoon Huat. But they don't look very nice.


Unknown said...

Hi Janine,

was wondering if you know where I could buy powdered colorings. I'm currently trying to work on some Macaroons & noticed that liquid coloring made my batter runny.


Unknown said...

hi, im looking for 1 inch diameter cookie scoop :) any idea where to get them? i live in the west. they look like mini ice cream scoops :)

Unknown said...

hi, im looking for 1 inch diameter cookie scoop :) any idea where to get them? i live in the west. they look like mini ice cream scoops :)

Anonymous said...

@Maya : try using gels- Wilton or Sugarflair. They work well in macarons.

@ Cobalt : got one back from the US, but it's useless. Use your 1 tablespoon measure. Ikea sells plastic ones in a set. Use the tbsp to scoop out yr cookie dough.

Janine said...

thanks radhika for your responses ;)

maya, you can get powdered coloring from phoon huat. Just ask them if you can't find them. If I'm not wrong, powdered coloring is only available in a few standard colors.

cobalt, ToTT sells what you're looking for.

Scrapper-holic said...

Hi I'm from Brunei and your list of bakeware shops is great. I jus started baking and am excited to try and visit a bakeware shop when I go to Singapore next month. Could you recommend the most comprehensive shop that I shd visit as I won't have much time. I'm also looking for Silpat bakIng mats. Do you knw which shop sells them? Many thanks

Janine said...

hi scrapper-holic, it really depends on what kind of items are you looking for? the more high-end expensive ones with more tools/pans/equipment or those which sell ingredients (the more high end or plebian stuff)? silpat mats can be found at sun lik.

Scrapper-holic said...

Hi Janine
Thanks for ur reply. I'm looking for tools and equipment more so than ingredients but will probably only have time to visit one shop. Would be awesome if you could recommend the best shop to visit.

Unknown said...

Thanks Janine & radhika25!! =)

Anonymous said...

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