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Why “Not the Kitchen Sink!”?

About Me
Well, the often-said expression, “everything but the kitchen sink” pretty much summarizes what this blog is about. Being a person of eclectic tastes (and a short attention span) - this blog will cover anything under the sun that sparks my interest. 

The second reason is because I dislike the kitchen sink, or rather, what it entails. I dislike washing up and cleaning the dishes with a vengeance. Very often, I leave the kitchen in a mess for others (usually my mom) to clean up. 

So, about myself. I’m a 22-year old student and I live with my family in a typical Singapore apartment. This means that the kitchen is really small – I mean less than 10 square metres small. This means that we only have the necessities – I don’t have a mixer in the house, but with a trusty oven and lots of elbow grease, I have managed to whip up some fancy dishes (I’d like to think so) Thanks to Jon - I now do have a mixer, a nifty Kitchenaid!, so I've no reason to whip up even fancier dishes!

Most of the things I whip up will usually be scaled down – mainly because my family doesn’t really like baked goods and since I only have a few friends who are guinea pigs, I can’t possibly consume everything myself without adding a few more unnecessary inches to my waist.

This blog basically chronicles my cooking and baking escapades in my mom’s kitchen – like many other people my age, I only knew how to fry an egg and cook instant noodles myself until circumstances forced me to learn how to expand my culinary repertoire. Long story short, I discovered that together with the love of eating, I also harbored a passion for making the food I ate, and so the passion for cooking and baking grew.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the entries, with as much joy as I derive from experimenting, taking photographs and journalling :)

The header was inspired Gisele Jaquenod's Meet the Chef template. The girl was inspired by vector art figures I found in but designed by myself. The surrounding vector art was extracted from royalty-free stock photos and edited upon to suit my blog theme. The girl is what I hope is an accurate representation of myself - a soon-to-be office worker, donning her black-and-whites, occasionally fumbling her way through the kitchen with a kitschy half-apron, juggling the things which she deem are most important in her life - saving money, cooking, baking, eating, her camera and her computer :) For the record, I do like to wear hairbands and I don black-rimmed glasses too, although of course, I lack the skinny figure and doe-like eyes my girl has.


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